A journey :   real life to reel life


Sara Loren first saw daylight on the 11th of December, 1988. It was a headline, a 12 pound normal healthy baby born on sofa, in Arab Times, a leading newspaper of Kuwait. It was an interesting story behind that. Her mother was in labour pain and her father was driving, broke the signal to reach hospital. He put her mother on sofa but by the time doctor come she came in this world. Her mom yet tells the story when she in a good mood that she was in hurry to born.

Sara Loren`s grandfather was an Indian. He was a landlord in Udaipur, a city of lakes, a city of Rajasthan, INDIA. By cast he was Rajput Rana. Sara`s father had shifted to Kuwait after partition. Her father was the brightest child in a family. He was a businessmen and owning a restaurant in Kuwait. Her mother is from Lahore, Pakistan. In her family, she has 3 younger sisters and elder brother. Her brother is married and having two kids. He owns a computer business in Pakistan. Her first younger sister is married and settled in Malaysia. Rest both younger sisters, one has done MBA in marketing and another had taken the degree of couture designing.

Sara`s father was a member of group who use to organize concerts in Kuwait. A many known face was part of these concerts like, Mehandi Hussain, Madam Noor Jahan, Rekha, Sri Devi and lots of stars during that time. He was a big fan of bollywood movies and especially Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He was very keen to do a show with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Sara used to watch the movie with his father in her childhood. She was very inspired by movies and used to dream to become an actress. She was very close to her father. In her young age her father past away. She was 15 year old that time. After her father death, family is shifted to Lahore, Pakistan. Her mother is very strong women and she is her best friend. Sara says it makes me very happy when her mother says that she is a shadow of her father. Her behavior and her body language are exactly same as her father.

Sara had completed her education till 10th in Kuwait. She did her bachelor degree (B.Com) from Lahore College of Commerce. She is a brilliant student in her school days and was always used to be a monitor in her class. In her school days, she got many complements from her teacher and fellow student for her performance in theatre activities of a school.

Sara had changed her name from Mona Lisa to Sara Loren. Sara in Hebrew means Princess and Loren means Laurel in Latin. She said she sensed the need of a name that is powerful. She has got one now and it is absolutely working for her. Sara says she is lucky because she knew from a very young age that she wanted to build her life around acting. Her dream has come true. I feel like I`ve finally found a place to be, she says.








The Queen of Television

In this year Sara had done many commercial successful serial with lead role. She grabbed this opportunity and proved that she is not only gorgeous but also an excellent actress with lot of temperament. The TV serial named KAJAL was her first international shoot, in Dubai, with an extra ordinary performance. She had also shown her talent in lead role for SHEZADI, which is written by one of the best writer Zafar Mirage. PYAASI was another popular drama in Pakistan during that time and for which she had grab the special award from the Channel. The year was very successful for her and during this year she had done many domestic and international live music shows.


First Nomination in Lux Style Award 2007

2007 is very valuable year for Sara Loren. Noori was the first mega serial done by Sara Loren. The serial is based on a story of girl in Rajasthan, a region under Pakistan. She had played a lead role and got nominated for best actress in Lux Style Award. It was first time she was doing a challenging and different role. She came to the attention of audiences with her critically acclaimed performance in this serial as a rajasthani girl. This serial won the best director award in Lux Style Award. The director had appreciated her performance and gave entire credit to her. Now people started believing in her as a versatile actress.

In 2007, she also participated in international shows along with RDB.


Sara Loren`s First Autograph

2006 was an amazing year for Sara Loren. She got recognized by media and become a know face in public. Now she become a start and tasted stardom. Her first autograph she had given to a five year old kid. She had got fabulous offer from TV and from corporate sector. It was a time when it becomes really difficult to identify the right script for her. She becomes choosey on her role.


Her first break in TV with lead title role in Raabiya Zinda Rehagi, directed By film director of S. Sulieman.

After her successful photoshoot for fair and Lovely, she was everywhere in Pakistani media channels. These fame and popularity works for her. She has been noticed by a film director S. Sulieman. He is a great director and he was looking for a charming and new face for his upcoming TV serial Raabiya Zinda Rehagi. In the first screen test itself, Mr. Sulieman was very impressed by her and offered a lead title role for his serial. Mr. Sulieman has appreciated her confident and fearless in front of camera. He knew that she is very talented actress and become very close to her. He taught the basics of acting profession, discipline and responsibility as an actress. She appreciate these lessons given by Mr. Sulieman and she believe that Mr Sulieman is her mentor.


Sara started her modeling career with Fair and Lovely.

After shifting to Lahore, Pakistan, everything was new for her, the culture, people, language and life. Sara started her modeling in very young age. There is an interesting story behind her modeling career. One of her model friend invited her on photoshoot. The photographer took few casual pictures of hers, which acted as a passport for her to bag her first ad campaign.